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Horatiu Sava was born in 1967 in Sighisoara, Romania, an idyllic town in Transylvania. After graduating from high school, he emigrated to Germany in 1985. He studied physics in Munich and then started his professional career as a software developer and IT consultant.

Horatiu Sava came into contact with photography as a child and was continuously accompanied by this passion. Horatiu Sava started his own artistic documentary projects in about 2005.

A large part of the works is about the former homeland Romania and especially Transylvania. After more than 20 years he searched for the idylls of his childhood, but also for the changes brought by capitalism. The spectrum of documentary projects ranges from scenic vedute in village areas, from city views to portraits of people of all social classes and ethnicities he encountered.

Another theme of Horatiu Sava’s photography is the people of the city where he currently lives, Munich. Here, mainly through portraits or pictures of crowds, he documents typical events of this city, one of which is the world-famous Oktoberfest.

In his new projects Horatiu Sava deals with different subcultures, exclusively through portraits. In this series of images, the documentary is preserved, but the context of the portrayed is completely created by him.

Between 2008 and 2019 Horatiu Sava participated in several exhibitions, three of them were solo exhibitions (in Vienna 2013, Bolzano 2015 and Berlin 2019).

Published so far Horatiu Sava has two books, a short survey of Transylvania and a booklet series on a particular aspect of gay subculture. Both books were published through Exposee Verlag in Berlin.

Gruppenausstellung mit „Landschaften und Menschen im ländlichen Siebenbürgen“
November 2008, Hof, Germany
Gruppenausstellung „Voyage“ (1)
March 2009, Berlin, Germany
Gruppenausstellung „Voyage“ (2)
Juni 2009, Berlin, Germany
Einladung Portfoliowalk im Haus der Photographie
December 2009, Deichtorhallen Hamburg
Portfoliosichtung im Haus der Photographie 2. Platz mit „Transsilvanien“
April 2010, Deichtorhallen Hamburg
Artikel und Titelbild in der März Ausgabe der Photonews
Februar 2013
Einzelaustellung „Transsilvanien“
March 2013, Vienna
Einzelaustellung „Transsilvanien“
February 2014, Bolzano
Artikel in der Photo International
May 2014
Einzelaustellung „Transsilvanien“
April 2019, Potsdam
Finalist Lens Culture Award
Feburuary 2022
Second place Lens Culture Award with "Dacia & Chauffeur"
April 2022
Erwähnung in The Guardian der Serie Dacia & Chauffeur
Februar & April 2022
Buch "Transsilvanien", Exposee Verlag Berlin
Heftserie "Folsom", Exposee Verlag Berlin